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Good Times

Week 2 Recap & Announcements

Thank you all for a great week of swimming.
Please watch the video below.

IMPORTANT! Winter lesson registration is open for current swimmers into any spot. Note that not all fall time slots are available for winter. We get bumped from the pool for Duchesne high school during the high school season. (This happened to us at BT, too. All the after school pool space in Omaha is used for high school swimming from mid-November through the end of February.) We will have much more time available again in March. Both Coach Shelby and I are willing to add more weekend spots to try to fit everyone in for winter. We are sorry for the scheduling inconvenience and hope you stay in the water this winter even if it is at a different time. Families who have the disappearing time slots and move to other times will be given first shot at getting their fall times back in the spring.

Jeanie Neal Winter Lessons Shelby Schultz Winter Lessons

Look Ahead: Developmental (25 Club) / Voyager Practice Plan & F.A.S.T. Swimming Page

Events: Registration is open for our Back to Pool Splash meet on September 30.


Registration dates for the Winter Session

  • Sunday, September 9: Registration open for current fall swimmers to re-register for the winter session into their same fall time slots. Note that due to the high school swimming season in progress through the end of February, not all of the fall time slots are available in the winter session.

  • Sunday, September 16 at 1:00 PM: Protection of existing time slots ends and registration open for current swimmers to re-register for winter into any available time slot.

  • Sunday, October 7 at 1:00 PM: Winter registration open to the public.

More important stuff:

  • The lost and found pile at OHB is growing. Please check make sure you take all of your belongings home with you.

  • During the times that Coach Shelby and I have the whole OHB pool to ourselves, families are encouraged to Practice and Play. Please pay before you swim. The cost is $5 per visit for the whole family. Parents can swim laps during their children’s swimming lesson and then play with the kids for an additional half hour after the lesson.

Developmental / Voyagers

Q. What two things did we practice to improve backstroke head position?
A. Chin up & Water up to your eyeballs

Q. What two things did we practice to improve backstroke kick?
A. Kick UP & Make the water boil

Q. What are the words for the backstroke streamline ready position?
A. Elbow your brother & Phone your mother

Q. What do the flags say?
A. Speed up! The wall is coming!

Q. What do you need to know to execute a fast backstroke finish?
A. Your flags to wall count

Backstroke Skills Videos: &


1. Balance
2. Propulsion
3. Stroke patterns

Dime Award

Intended to
Motivate and

FUF Bell

Reward for/announcement of following directions.

Have a wonderful Week 3!

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