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Week 3 Recap & Announcements

Week 3 Recap & Announcements

Thank you all for a great week of swimming.

Winter lesson registration is open for current swimmers into any spot. Note that not all fall time slots are available for winter. Registration opens to the public on October 7.

Session Pages: Jeanie Neal Winter Lessons & Shelby Schultz Winter Lessons

Look Ahead: Developmental (25 Club) / Voyager Practice Plan & F.A.S.T. Swimming Page

Events: Registration is open for our Back to Pool Splash meet on September 30. The deadline to register is this Thursday!

More important stuff:

  • The registration deadline for the Back to Pool Splash meet is this Thursday!

  • Use our FUF Lesson Swap facebook page to post your swaps and look for available lessons.

  • During the times that Coach Shelby and I have the whole OHB pool to ourselves, families are encouraged to Practice and Play. Please pay before you swim. The cost is $5 per visit for the whole family. Parents can swim laps during their children’s swimming lesson and then play with the kids for an additional half hour after the lesson.

Developmental / Voyagers

Crawl Stroke, 1-2-3-4-Roll, and Freestyle all refer to the same stroke. We use all three terms.

  • Crawl Stroke: official name of the stroke

  • 1-2-3-4-Roll: FUF descriptive name of the stroke, describing four strokes and a roll to breathe

  • Freestyle: an event at a swim meet in which swimmers typically perform the crawl stroke, although they are "free" to swim any stroke

Tips for Good Head Position in Freestyle

1. Eyes Down

2. Ears under the water

Improve your Freestyle timing by counting 1-2-3-4-REACH-Roll.

We also practiced front flip turns with a push off on the back.

Freestyle Finishes: Finish on a full stroke, stretched out on your side, touching underwater.

Skills Videos

1. Head Position:

2. Freestyle Finishes:

3. Freestyle:

4. Stuff we learned this week:


1. Balance

2. Propulsion

3. Stroke patterns

Dime Award


Intended to

Motivate and


FUF Bell

Reward for/announcement of following directions.

Have a wonderful Week 4!

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