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FAST Swimming

Fitness Attitude Skills Technique

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Ten Training Habits

  1. Support your Teammates

  2. Positive Personal Attitude

  3. Effort

  4. Listening

  5. Be on time

  6. Be informed

  7. Streamlines

  8. Turns

  9. Finishes

  10. Wall to Wall


Watch the FUF Lesson Swimmers...


Backstroke Whistle Commands Video

Short whistles = Get Ready
First long whistle = Step in
Second long whistle = Feet (Place your feet.)
Starter Command = "Take your mark."
Start Signal = "Beep" or "Go!"

Streamline kick past flags.
Start swimming (one arm).

Swim for good times!

printer-friendly skills sheets

Backstroke Finishes Video

Flags are 5 yards/meters from the each end of the swimming course.

Learn your backstroke stroke count from the flags to the wall.

The flags are saying, "Speed up! The wall is coming!"

Finish with hips high and a strong kick. Touch the wall below the surface of the water.

Always practice backstroke finishes at race pace.

Swim for good times!

Count & Confidence

You can do it! Swim for good times!

Watch the Olympians...

Watch this YouTube video of the Men's 200 Backstroke at Rio from the Olympic Channel to see Olympians demonstrate these skills.

  • Whistle Commands & Start :45

  • Turns: 1:40, 2:10, 2:40

  • Finish 3:05



F - Flip fast!
L - Line up straight
I - Invert during streamline
P - Proceed in the opposite direction
S - Swim for good times! (maximize wall speed)

Put your head down and speed up at the flags - no breathing inside the flags.

Touch the wall with your body and arm fully extended, on your side, under the surface of the water.

Practice makes habit. Execute a great freestyle finish every wall, every time. You can do it!

printer-friendly skill sheet

Watch the Olympians...

Watch this YouTube video of the women's 200 freestyle final at Rio from The Olympic Channel and this YouTube video of the men's 100 freestyle from London, also from The Olympic Channel to see Olympians demonstrate freestyle skills. 

Video #1 Women's 200 Free

  • Whistle Commands & Start: 3:05

  • Turns: 3:45, 4:17, 4:45, and 5:55 (replay)

  • Finish: 5:15

Video #2 Men's 100 Free

  • Whistle Commands & Start: 2:35

  • Turn: 3:35 and 4:50 (replay)

  • Finish: 4:00 and 5:03 (replay)





Review Videos

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