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Good Times

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Doors open at noon. After your swimmers are dressed, ready to swim, please escort them to their seats on the deck. There will be a sign for each swimmer. Swimmers are to sit under their signs. Have them keep their towels with them at their seat. After helping your children get to their places, find a seat in the parent section, which will also be marked.

Pizza and soda will be served to meet swimmers immediately following the last event. (The pizza is just for the swimmers in the meets. You may want to pack a snack for nonswimming siblings and friends.) We anticipate being finished a few minutes after 1. There is about thirty minutes of racing scheduled, but we plan to run things very slowly with lots of instruction for every heat.

Please cheer!

We need four volunteer timers to run the meet - eight would be even better. It’s the best seat in the house and no experience necessary. I will call for timers at approximately 12:15 PM.

Swimmers may be nervous, that’s normal, and the best way to get over that is to come to the meet! The coaches will help.

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