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Fall lesson information - please read

Information about the fall schedule. Please read.

Beginning this fall, Brownell Talbot will no longer allow us to rent the pool for swimming lessons immediately after school. We will start lessons beginning with the 6:30 PM time slot. BT has not yet decided on available weekday and Saturday rental times. They may end up not having any available. We just don't know. BT will let us know, but it may not be until the end of June when they tell us. The lessons that are listed on my fall schedule page are all I have available at BT for fall as of today. I plan to be at iNspire on Thursday evenings during the same time slots I have this summer. We are grateful for any time we get at BT; and Coach Shelby and I are looking for another pool to handle the BT overflow. If you know of any available pool space, please let us know. I have over 160 swimmers enrolled so far this summer, and had over 170 swimmers at BT last fall, but have only 67 spots available at BT this coming fall. Coach Shelby will be posting her schedule soon. We will do our very best to accommodate as many swimmers as we can. I'll keep you posted on the pool search.

Registration Dates for Coach Neal: Families currently registered for summer, have from the first day of the summer session until June 17 to re-register for the same time for fall. I'll open registration to currently registered families into any remaining spots on the evening of June 17. I will open registration to the public at 6:00 PM on Sunday, June 24. I will post Coach Shelby's registration dates soon. Please check back.

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