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Alaska Adventure

Made it to Mile 0

Greetings from Dawson Creek!

I left Nebraska mid-afternoon on Easter Sunday. Drove past Chimney Rock that night and slept in Casper Wyoming. Wyoming was WINDY! Flew through the wonders of Montana at a thankfully legal 80 mph, and arrived in Canada Monday evening. After breakfast at my first Tim Horton’s, I stopped at the West Edmonton Mall, home of the World Waterpark. I’ve planned dozens of trips over the last ten years to see this waterpark and never made it happen. I’m so glad I got to visit today. It lived up to it’s rep, and it won’t take me ten years to return.

A very, very windy drive - vans blow around a lot - and now I’m here at the beginning of the Alcan Highway. I visited the 0 mile marker and am turning in. 1964 miles down. I’m over half way! The cats, Pete and Julius, weren’t too impressed. They slept through most of the trip, but woke up to look out the van window at the milepost.

Tomorrow, I’m finally driving the Alcan!

My best to all of you. Thanks for following along. -Jeanie

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