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Alaska Adventure



I am in Tok, Alaska.

I drove back to the 0 milepost in Dawson Creek to start at the very beginning on Wednesday morning, and took three days to drive to Tok. The good thing about driving this time of year is that I was mostly alone on the highway. The downside is that many businesses are still closed for the season. I didn’t consider this in my planning, and so was unable to see many of the museums and wayside attractions I had planned to visit. Most businesses open up next week.

The drive was beautiful. The scenery just kept getting more and more amazing. I saw mountains, forests, lakes, valleys, rivers, grasslands, and wildlife - lots of wildlife. I drove by moose, elk, bears, bison, sheep, wolves, and birds. (iPhone photos from a moving van below.)

My favorite part of the trip so far was driving around Kluane Lake in the Yukon.

I had no cell phone connection most of the way. There was limited wifi that you had to pay for access to at some of the restaurants along the way. It was nice to be unplugged and be able to focus on the scenery.

The roads were good. The only bumpy part was between the Canadian border and Tok, Alaska. It was a little reminder of home. Driving that section felt much like driving down North 52nd Street in Omaha this spring.

I’m in the Alaska time zone now and the days are getting longer. Took this photo outside my hotel last night at 9:30 PM. The van is comfy and I’m enjoying it, but I was glad to be in hotel last night as it dropped to 17 degrees.


I’ve driven 3253 miles so far. It’s about 320 to Anchorage and then another 250 to my new job.

Good times!

My best to you all. Thank you for following along.

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