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Good Times

Updates & Thanks, Moms!

Greetings from Alaska!


Coach Shelby has a few spots left for summer. Click to visit Shelby Summer Session. She will be posting her fall session soon. Registration for her fall lessons will open in July.

iNspire coaches Terri and Naleah have lots of room available for summer. Click on their names to view their session pages. Coach Terri is working with adults. Shout out to FUF mom , Starlett, who is doing particularly well in lessons and will soon be swimming as well as her children!

Coach Beckie from iNspire will be posting some summer Saturday lessons on the Face-Up First website soon. Keep watching for that if you need a Saturday time.

Coach Neal: I am in Alaska now. You can follow along with my crazy sled dog adventure by clicking, Alaska Adventure. I will be back in the fall. Any families who have already registered, or who register before June 9 for fall session lessons with me receive a 20% discount on lesson tuition, and are entitled to four free remote lessons per swimmer to use over the summer. If you aren’t registered for fall, do it today!

Did you know? Moose are born knowing how to swim and continue to be great swimmers as adults. Moose can even close their nostrils, which gives them the ability to graze underwater. Moose spend time in the water to help regulate their body temperature on hot days.

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Congrats to FUF swimmer, Olive, for “graduating” from lessons to the iNspire Swim Team. Keep swimming for good times, Olive! We are proud of you.

Ready to take the plunge? Join the swim team. Contact iNspire swim team to learn more.


Thanks, Moms. Thank you for making the financial commitment you’ve made to lessons, and for the opportunity to work with your children. Thanks for the many hours spent driving - in all kinds of weather - and for the many hours spent on deck. Thanks for your patience during those long post-lesson warm-up showers.. Thank you for the reassurance you give your swimmers after tough lessons, and for all those enthusiastic high fives. Thanks for sticking with the process and giving your swimmers the time they need to master this skill so they may find joy in swimming for their lifetimes. Thank you for finding solid-color suits. Thanks for keeping track of all those dimes; and thank you for clapping every time that bell rings.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We swim for good times!

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