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Schedules, registration form, and payment links for lessons with iNspire Coach Terri Hermes at Omaha Home for Boys for iNspire Swim Team.

General Information

Click to contact Coach Terri with comments and/or questions, but NOT a lesson registration.  

Click for free online course, Water Safety Education for Parents & Caregivers.

Registration dates

  • Fall: Open

Fall Session Special Events: These events are all instructional in nature. Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards unassisted to participate, but do not have to be currently enrolled in FUF lessons. Come prepared to learn and have fun! Click to visit the event pages.

Select your program

Is the student five years old or older and can complete a continuous 25-yard crawl without lifting the head up when breathing AND a continuous 25-yard backstroke AND jump into the 12.5’ end of the pool?  YES-Select the Developmental Program   NO-Select the Instructional Program. 

We swim for good times!®


Class Schedule

Fall at OHB

Adult lessons by appointment
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email Coach Terri
   Numbers indicate open time slots.

at OHB
10 Lessons

Sept 8, 15, 22, 29
Oct 13,27, Nov 3, 10, 17
Dec 8

2:00 PM INST
N. Hausman
S. Hausman

H. Cleaver
2:30 PM INST
D. Valencia
G Valencia
X. Mueting
A. York
G. Niyazova
4:30 PM INST
S. Ogura
5:00 PM INST
5:30 PM INST
N. Spivie
R. Adams

R. Landenburger
6:00 PM Level 1 Inspire
Langston Griffin
Autumn Griffin
J. Harris

Register for lessons

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Please complete all the fields below. It's important to include your swimmer birth date.
Please list your swimmer name, birth date, and class time slot selections - use the numbers from the schedule above. Each class spot has a number. You may enter more than one selection in this field.
Please add up your total tuition due and put that total in the field below. (Tuition is listed at the top of each column near the list of dates.)
It's Your Choice *
Swimming pool businesses, water parks, hotels, and water front facilities do their best to provide a safe environment for your activities. You are responsible for making good choices. You are responsible for selecting the programs and activities suited to your skills, abilities, and health. By electing to use the facilities and participate, you assume all risk for any harm or injury you sustain. By your voluntary participation as a participant or spectator, you could be injured. Take responsibility. Do not take risks or do activities that may not be appropriate. Ask questions. If you have any questions about your health and how it might be affected by exercise, by being in the water, or by other activities at a facility, contact your doctor and obtain permission before participating. A complete physical is recommended before beginning any exercise program. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of the presence of others while you participate. Do not engage in activities that could injure others. Report any unusual significant hazard during your presence or participation and remove yourself from participation. If you bring belongings, you are responsible for their care and safety. They could be lost, stolen, or damaged. Contact a staff member if you have any problems or concerns. For every activity in and near water, finish with the same number of children that you started with. It's your responsibility. It's your choice. I rarely cancel events due to weather conditions. We often arrive at a pool long before the weather turns bad. We're already here, so we keep teaching. We try to stick to our schedule whenever possible. Weather conditions can change quickly and can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood. Whether or not to venture out on severe weather days is also your choice. Make good choices for your family.
Swim School Uniform *
All swimmers ages 3-14 are required to wear a solid-color, one-piece, competition style training suit to all lessons. I will provide caps and goggles for all the Instructional and Developmental swimmers. Voyagers are required to bring their own caps and goggles to every practice.
Lesson Swap & Share (no make-up lessons) *
Attendance at all lessons is not required, but please try to make as many as you can. I do not provide make-up lessons for lessons missed due to illness or conflicts with other activities. Coach Shelby, Terri, and I, all participate in lessons swaps. You may swap your lesson time with anyone else in our programs. You may also send a friend, neighbor, relative to use your lessons if you have to miss.
Photography *
Images of your child participating in lessons may be used (without names or other identifying information) in my brochures, website, and social media.
Viewing Area *
Spectators are welcome to watch the fun from the the designated areas along the sides of the pool.
Tuition Payment *
Please note the total tuition number you entered above. Once you have hit submit to send this form, please use the payment link to pay for the lessons. You will need to enter the total due when prompted.

Pay for lessons after hitting SUBMIT

You will be asked to enter the total due. Please calculate your tuition before clicking the link below to pay.

Confirm your registration

Your registration will be posted to the schedule soon after receipt of payment. This is a manual system. iNspire will receive your registration and notice of payment via email. Please revisit this page to make sure we posted your swimmer(s) in the correct spot. We want you to get what you want. I appreciate the help. Thank you for choosing my lessons. See you soon!   -Coach Terri

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