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New Locations: OHB & iNspire

I'm not very good at sending out informative emails, or even keeping an email list up to date. I hope to send out an email this week regarding the new swimming locations. In the meantime, here is some more information on fall locations.

Leaving BT?   

I certainly hope not. BT has confirmed that the pool will not be available for lessons on Saturday mornings or weekday afternoons/evenings between 3:00 PM and 6:30 PM. Coach Shelby and I have secured pool time at alternate locations for these times. We are still waiting to hear from BT on any possible weekday times or Sunday evening times or weeknights after 6:30 PM. If any of those become available, we will try to take advantage of that opportunity. We love BT! Meanwhile, we are moving forward with the places where we have confirmed pool time.

iNspire Swim and Fitness Studio  

iNspire's new location in Elkhorn is under construction. I will be teaching there on Thursday evenings as soon as they open. In addition to my lessons, iNspire, like the Grand Island YMCA will be a licensed provider of my Face-Up First® lessons and have their own instructors. To register for my lessons at iNspire, use this link to go to my fall page: Jeanie Neal Fall Lessons. I'll post the iNspire Swim & Fitness Studio link as soon as it goes live. You can learn a little more about the iNspire swim team by visiting their website: iNspire Swim Team

Omaha Home for Boys

I've been teaching Face-Up First lessons at OHB for over ten years. This is not new so much as returning. It's a wonderful pool and the staff has been very kind to me and to Brownell Talbot. We used to use their pool every year for four months, during the high school swimming season. We moved our lessons over their when the high school team moved in to BT after school. Now both the Duchesne high school team and iNspire Swim Team use OHB so our space is limited. (You will notice on the lesson schedule that the times are different for high school season and not-high-school-season.)

The pool itself is identical in size to BT's pool. It's a six-lane, 25-yard pool with a one-meter diving board. The locker rooms are larger and a little more updated than BT's. They have private showers. There is no spectator gallery, so parents sit on deck. 

Parking is easy. You can park right at the front door and the pool is located only a few feet inside the entrance.

At BT, we rent the pool by the lane, so Coach Shelby and I typically share lane one. I rent additional lanes for the Voyager program. At OHB, they only rent out the entire pool, not individual lanes. Coach Shelby and I will have lots of room to spread out. We are discussing adding some practice and play times for parents and students. And my favorite perk to being forced to rent an entire pool: Splash Meets are coming back! We will start hosting Splash Meets and other swimming parties and events beginning in September. Watch this NEWS section for schedule updates.

There is one exception to the "rent-the-whole-pool" agreement. I have worked out a deal with iNspire Swim Team to share one lane of the pool during their full-pool rental. The time frame that we will share is 4;45 pm - 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. This is a great time slot for families who have children on the team and children in lessons. iNspire was very kind to let us use some of their time to run lessons. OHB is not available to us from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM, so Coach Shelby and I are trying to make up for all those "lost" lessons by offering as much during the afternoon as we can squeeze in.

I've posted a video below of the Santa Skills Splash Coach Shelby and I hosted at OHB in December. You can get a little preview of the pool. (Yes, we had the lights out. It was a gorgeous, sunny, December day and the sunlight through the window was enough. It's a cheery, fun, place.)

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