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News & Week 7 Recap

OCTOBER 22, 2018

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We have not rented the gym. FUF families are not allowed in the gym. Please stay in the pool area. I included this information in the OHB Intro video, but neglected to put it in writing too. Here it is. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Registration Stuff

Look Ahead: Developmental (25 Club) / Voyager Practice Plan & F.A.S.T. Swimming Page

Swap Page: Use our FUF Lesson Swap facebook page to post your swaps and look for available lessons.

Make-Up Dates

Lesson Date: Saturday, October 20
Make-Up Date: Saturday, December 22


Lesson Date: Sunday, October 21
Make-Up Date: Sunday, December 9

Developmental / Voyagers

Q. Why do we call it the butterfly?
A. because your butt flies

Q. What is the proper head position for butterfly?
A. eyes down, ears under the water, head still

Q. What is an important rule for butterfly turns and finishes?
A. touch with two hands

Instructional Videos

 Instructional 1. Balance 2. Propulsion 3. Stroke patterns

Thank you all for a great week of swimming. Check out the video.

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