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Pumpkin Patch Splash

Floating Pumpkin
Patch Splash

October 27


Registration Deadlines

Thursday, October 24 at 7:00 PM

Late entries will not be accepted. This event is limited to the first 50 registrants, with preference being given to swimmers currently registered in FUF lessons.

Look ahead: Turkey Mile & Stuffing Sprint

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Registration Form

Use this form to register for the event. After you hit submit use the button below to pay your event fees. Your entry will be sent to me as an email. I will post it on this page. Please check back to make sure I enter the information correctly here. Thanks for choosing this event. We swim for good times!


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Contact Name
List the swimmer full name, birthdate, and events (maximum 3). Including an entry time is optional. Please indicate the number of pumpkins you want from the patch. (The meet and the pumpkin patch are separate events. Swimmers are not required to participate in both.)

Floating Pumpkin Patch Splash

ENTRY FEE:  $10 per swimmer + $5 per pumpkin (optional) There are no refunds. This event is limited to the first 40 swimmers registered and paid with preference being given to swimmers currently registered in FUF lessons.

AWARDS:  Ribbons for all participants in all events, plus pizza, soda, and a candy treat - Decorating supplies are provided for those who buy a pumpkin from the floating patch.

TIMES:  Exterior doors Open 12:00 PM Warm-Up: 12:00 PM Meet Start: 12:30 PM

ORDER OF EVENTS (Maximum of thee events per swimmer)

1. 100 IM
2. 25 Tadpole / Starfish (Elementary Back)
3. 50 Backstroke
4. 25 Backstroke
5. 100 Free
6. 25 Butterfly or Breaststroke
7. 50 Freestyle
8. 25 Freestyle

ten-minute break

Floating Pumpkin Patch

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PARTICIPANTS (Registration deadline is Thursday, October 24 at 7pm.)

  1. Eli Stroesser, 8: 50 FR, 50 BK, pumpkin

  2. Nik Stroesser, 7: 25 FR. 25 BK, pumpkin

  3. Matthew Hylok, 6: 25 FR, 25 BK, 25 Tadpole, 2 pumpkins

  4. Whitney Fisher, 4: 25 Tadpole, 25 BK, 25 Free, pumpkin

  5. Ezra Harlow, 5: 25 Tadpole, 25 Back, 25 Free, 2 pumpkins

  6. Patrick Ramon, 7: 50 Free 50 Back, 25 Back, pumpkin

  7. Nate Harrison, 8:, 25 Tadpole, 50 Back, 25 Free, pumpkin