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Good Times

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High School is back in season. At Brownell Talbot there is a coop team. BT, Concordia, Mercy, and Roncalli all swim as one team. The season runs through the end of February. During the high school season we do not have access to the pool between 3:15 PM and 6:30 PM. We'll put those after school times back on the schedule beginning in March. (Registration for Spring will be in January.)

Good luck to BTCMR and all the high school swimmer siblings of our Face-Up First students. Swim for good times!

Look Ahead: There are no lesson on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday of Thanksgiving week. There are lessons on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 26. 

I hope you enjoy the videa. New video posted each Sunday. Learn more on our F.A.S.T. Swimming page

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