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Good Times

Friday, 8:00 PM Update

Good evening,

I have canceled the 7:00 am Voyager practice for tomorrow morning. The two swimmers in that group have been invited to swim later in the day.

As of now, all other lessons are a “go.”

Maybe this one will pass us by. I hope so.

Please check the news outlets or back here before traveling to lessons tomorrow. If Omaha Public Schools cancels their events, we shut everything down at OHB, too.


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No Registration Today - Click to view new registration dates.

Registration dates for the Spring Session

Dates updated on January 6 - everything pushed back to one week later than originally published.

  • Sunday, January 13: Registration open for current winter swimmers to re-register for the spring session into their same winter time slots.

  • Sunday, January 20 at 1:00 PM: Protection of existing time slots ends and registration open for current swimmers to re-register for spring into any available time slot.

  • Sunday, February 3 at 1:00 PM: Spring registration open to the public.

Jeanie Neal Spring Session

Shelby Schultz Spring Session

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12/10: Recap & Updates

EVENTS: Thanks to everyone who participated in and helped with the Santa Skills Splash and UnderWraps!

SCHEDULE: Coach Shelby and I will have our little stores open starting Saturday for everyone’s last regularly scheduled lessons. We will not have the stores open the following weekend for the make-up.

NEW PROGRAMS: iNspire Swim Team Face-Up First Group & Remote Lesson Gift Certificates

WINTER SESSION: Jeanie Neal & Shelby Schultz

BELOW: Santa Skills Splash, UnderWraps, Voyagers Fun - Parents, if you have Santa Splash photos you would be willing to share, I would love to have them. or 402.312.1012 Thanks!

Face-Up First

Santa Survival Splash & Underwraps: Event Page

The UnderWraps store will open at noon. The Santa Splash will begin at 1:00 PM. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Make-Up Lessons

This Sunday, December 9 is the make-up date for the Sunday we missed due to OHB maintenance and renovations.

Typically, neither Shelby or I offer make-ups for lessons missed to circumstances beyond our control, most notably weather. However, since we missed two Sundays in a row due to snow, and I have an open Sunday on my calendar, I am offering a make-up to my Sunday swimmers. The make-up date is Sunday, December 23. If you can make it, come at your regular time. This is for my lessons only - Jeanie Neal. (We don’t want any more snow on Sundays!)


And speaking of weather… OHB follows Omaha Public Schools cancellations. If OPS cancels activities - even on weekends - OHB does the same. So, you can watch the news for OPS announcements on bad weather days. I post the cancellations several places: Facebook, Twitter, and on the website. There is an announcement bar at the top of every page on the website. (Check it out at the top of this page.) If you click that you will be taken straight to the Weather page. I also post the cancellation on the News page. You can get to News from the main menu at the top of any page or from the news summary block located at the top of the home page and on my session pages.

I much prefer that we have no more snow the winter, but if necessary, take your pick for weather announcements & updates.

As long as I’m giving out links, here are a few more:

Coach Shelby typically, retweets, shares, etc. my posts regarding weather.

Winter Registration

We are almost full for Winter 2019. The session that starts on January 2. You can still get in. There are a few spots left. You may view the schedules here: Jeanie Neal & Shelby Schultz.

Registration for the spring session opens in January.

Remote Lessons

If you can’t find a spot you want in the very full winter session, and you have access to a pool, you may want to consider my Remote Lessons.

I will help parents teach their own children. Remote lessons make a great holiday gift, too. The first two lessons are free. When you purchase a gift certificate for one lessons for a loved one, you get three for the price of one!

Please consider my remote lessons as gifts for friends and families outside of Omaha without access to local Face-Up First lessons.

Remote lessons are a great option for when there is a break in my lessons and when swimmers are away on vacation. I can help adult lap swimmers, too. Check it out: Jeanie Neal Remote Lessons.

We swim for good times!


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12/2: Lessons Canceled

POSTED 8:45 AM on Sunday, December 2

OPS has canceled, and so must we. There will be no lessons this afternoon/evening.

Typically, neither Shelby nor I offer make-ups or lessons for lessons missed due to weather conditions. However, since it’s been two weeks in a row and I have an open Sunday, I am offering a make-up lesson on Sunday, December 23. This is for Jeanie Neal lessons only.

Check out this video for some fun on this snow-bound, no-lesson day: SWIMMING BREAK YOUTUBE.

Stay warm and safe.

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We learned last weekend that Omaha Home for Boys follows OPS on snow day cancellations. If OPS closes/cancels, so does OHB. As of this posting OPS has not canceled any events for today, so we are ‘GO’ for swimming this afternoon. If that changes, I will post on our WEATHER PAGE.

We all know that weather conditions can change quickly and vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. It is your choice whether to venture out. Make good choices for your family and be safe.

patrick trophy.JPG

Swim for good times!

Everyone who registered for the Turkey Mile or Stuffing Sprint may still complete their swims and earn their trophies. (We had 29 swimmers register for this event.)

Visit the pool on a Saturday or Sunday during any of our scheduled swimming lessons. Complete your swim and collect your trophy and a treat. Five swimmers earned their trophies yesterday.

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OHB POOL CLOSED on Sunday, November 25 - No lessons or events


It’s gonna snow!

The OHB campus closes with OPS on snow days. So, we will be following that schedule, too.

There will be no swimming lessons tomorrow and the Turkey Mile is postponed.

Click to view the TURKEY MILE / STUFFING SPRINT Event Page: information on how everyone can still get their swims in and receive their trophies

Click to view the WEATHER PAGE: information on FUF weather policies

Make sure you get your milk and bread tonight. ;) Stay safe and warm!

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Week 11 Recap & News


Turkey Mile & Stuffing Sprint <- Click to visit the event page.

Start times are approximate. Swimmers may start as soon as a lane becomes available. All swimmers must provide their own timer/counter. I will provide watches, clipboards, pencils, and timing sheets. Each swimmer will receive a trophy, and a snack and juice.

Doors will open at 10:50 AM.

If you can’t make your start time, please contact me ASAP. We can find something that works. 402.312.1012 text

mile start times.JPG

Santa Splash & UnderWraps <- Click to visit the event page.


We had a great week 11. Sunday DEV/VOY swimmers practiced breaststroke timing. Monday through Saturday DEV swimmers practiced breathing every two strokes on freestyle.

Coach Shelby and I are grateful for and cherish the opportunity to work with your children. Thank you, all. We wish you a safe and happy holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Week 10 Recap & News


D.I.M.E.S.: It was time to spend those dimes for swimmers in the 9-week fall session. Check out the video.

Turkey Mile & Stuffing Sprint: The deadline to register for this event is this Thursday at 7:00 PM. Click for the event page.

Santa Survival Splash & UnderWraps: Look ahead. Click to view the event page.

Have a great week!

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Week 9 Recap & News

We had a great week 9! Check out the video.

If you swim in one of the after school lessons, bring your dimes! It’s time to spend them. This is the last week of after school lessons. The Nebraska high school swimming season starts next week, so we get bumped from those times for awhile. Weekday afternoon times will be back on the schedule in the spring.

Events: Turkey Mile & Stuffing Splash & UnderWraps/Santa Survival Splash

Have a great week!

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Doors open at noon. No need to arrive earlier. You won’t be able to get in.

We need a minimum of four volunteer timers. It’s the best seat in the house. No experience necessary!

Remember to bring your own cap and goggles!

Click to view the HEAT SHEET.

Click to view the ENTRY LIST.

See you tomorrow!

We swim for good times!

lane timer sheets

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News & Week 7 Recap

OCTOBER 22, 2018

Quick Link: Weather Page.

We have not rented the gym. FUF families are not allowed in the gym. Please stay in the pool area. I included this information in the OHB Intro video, but neglected to put it in writing too. Here it is. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Registration Stuff

Look Ahead: Developmental (25 Club) / Voyager Practice Plan & F.A.S.T. Swimming Page

Swap Page: Use our FUF Lesson Swap facebook page to post your swaps and look for available lessons.

Make-Up Dates

Lesson Date: Saturday, October 20
Make-Up Date: Saturday, December 22


Lesson Date: Sunday, October 21
Make-Up Date: Sunday, December 9

Developmental / Voyagers

Q. Why do we call it the butterfly?
A. because your butt flies

Q. What is the proper head position for butterfly?
A. eyes down, ears under the water, head still

Q. What is an important rule for butterfly turns and finishes?
A. touch with two hands

Instructional Videos

 Instructional 1. Balance 2. Propulsion 3. Stroke patterns

Thank you all for a great week of swimming. Check out the video.

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