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Good Times

Updates & Thanks, Moms!

Greetings from Alaska!


Coach Shelby has a few spots left for summer. Click to visit Shelby Summer Session. She will be posting her fall session soon. Registration for her fall lessons will open in July.

iNspire coaches Terri and Naleah have lots of room available for summer. Click on their names to view their session pages. Coach Terri is working with adults. Shout out to FUF mom , Starlett, who is doing particularly well in lessons and will soon be swimming as well as her children!

Coach Beckie from iNspire will be posting some summer Saturday lessons on the Face-Up First website soon. Keep watching for that if you need a Saturday time.

Coach Neal: I am in Alaska now. You can follow along with my crazy sled dog adventure by clicking, Alaska Adventure. I will be back in the fall. Any families who have already registered, or who register before June 9 for fall session lessons with me receive a 20% discount on lesson tuition, and are entitled to four free remote lessons per swimmer to use over the summer. If you aren’t registered for fall, do it today!

Did you know? Moose are born knowing how to swim and continue to be great swimmers as adults. Moose can even close their nostrils, which gives them the ability to graze underwater. Moose spend time in the water to help regulate their body temperature on hot days.

Learn more.

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Congrats to FUF swimmer, Olive, for “graduating” from lessons to the iNspire Swim Team. Keep swimming for good times, Olive! We are proud of you.

Ready to take the plunge? Join the swim team. Contact iNspire swim team to learn more.


Thanks, Moms. Thank you for making the financial commitment you’ve made to lessons, and for the opportunity to work with your children. Thanks for the many hours spent driving - in all kinds of weather - and for the many hours spent on deck. Thanks for your patience during those long post-lesson warm-up showers.. Thank you for the reassurance you give your swimmers after tough lessons, and for all those enthusiastic high fives. Thanks for sticking with the process and giving your swimmers the time they need to master this skill so they may find joy in swimming for their lifetimes. Thank you for finding solid-color suits. Thanks for keeping track of all those dimes; and thank you for clapping every time that bell rings.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We swim for good times!

Face-Up First
Greetings from Alaska!

Lesson News

Other Swimming News

Alaska News

  • Made it to Alaska. I’m in Anchorage now and will be continuing on to Denali tomorrow. It’s been a great trip and I’m loving the van.

  • Follow along for updates via facebook or on the blog page here on

  • Pete and Julius aren’t that impressed with Alaska, but I am…wow!

We swim for good times!

Face-Up First
Competitive Strokes

Butterfly: newest stroke
Backstroke: only face-up stroke
Breaststroke: oldest stroke
Freestyle: event, crawl stroke is the real name

DEV / 25 Club: competitive strokes
VOYAGERS: competitive strokes


We swim for good times!

Face-Up First
STAR Listening

S Still & Square
T Track & Turn
A Ask & Answer
R Repeat & Remember

DEV / 25 Club: STAR Listening, FUF strokes + some more diving from the side
VOYAGERS: STAR Listening, Speedplay

  • Registration is open to the public for Coach Shelby’s summer session.

  • Registration for Coach Jeanie Neal’s fall session opens at a discounted rate on April 14 for current students into current spots.

  • Registration is open for spring and summer lessons with Coach Terri Hermes from iNspire.

We swim for good times!


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March Splash Times

Congratulations! We swam for good times!

Thank you for participating in the March Splash. Many thanks to all the volunteers that help time and dish out pizza.

Click for March Splash Final Times.

The next Splash Meet will be on April 14. Please register before Thursday, April 11 at 7:00 PM.

Parents: Write your children's times on their ribbons.

Swimmers: It’s fun and helpful to record your times in a Time Book. Watch this video to see how to make a time book.

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It's Meet Day!

Splash Meet at Noon: Updated Heat Sheet

Developmental Groups: diving from the side
Click to view video: Diving from the side

Voyagers: 2 x 500 yard swims!

Important Dates

  • Today at 11 AM: Coach Shelby summer registration open to the public

Lesson Swap Page: Use our FUF Lesson Swap Page to advertise or look for available lessons. You are also free to send someone to use your lessons if you have to miss. The substitute swimmer does not need to be currently enrolled in Face-Up First swimming.

S.W.I.M. Model
Idle: the ability to be able to rest and relax, motionless, disengaged from the load

Face-Up First
NOT Face-Up First®

This post is in response to some questions I’ve been getting this morning.

BT Aquatics has announced that they will be opening a swim school this summer. Their new swim school is not a licensed provider of Face-Up First® swimming. I do not know what curriculum they will use.

We swim for good times!®

Face-Up First
Happy Sunny Sunday!

Developmental Groups: working on head position for freestyle and butterfly
Click to view video: Head Position

Voyagers: Strokework 25’s and 100’s kick, BK: swimming fast inside the flags in and out, BR: pull size and shape, FL: head position, FR: fast flips

Important Dates

  • March Splash Meet, March 24: deadline to register is March 21 at 7:00 PM

  • Coach Shelby Summer Registration: 3/10 current families into current spots; 3/17 current families into any spot, 3/24 open to the public

Lesson Swap Page: Use our FUF Lesson Swap Page to advertise or look for available lessons. You are also free to send someone to use your lessons if you have to miss. The substitute swimmer does not need to be currently enrolled in Face-Up First swimming.

Face-Up First
No lessons Saturday

Posted 6 AM on Saturday: No lessons on Saturday. Be careful if you venture out in the snow. Please check the website again tomorrow morning when the storm is outbound.

The Nebraska State High School Swimming State Championship meet is being held in Lincoln today and will be broadcast live on NET at 11:00 AM. Check it out. It’s good TV! Or click to view live results.

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Saturday Lessons Canceled

Updated 3:00 PM on Saturday: Please check out our individual session pages for make-up options:

Posted 11:45 AM on Saturday: Saturday lessons at OHB have been canceled. Please check back later tonight for makeup options. We are sorry, and apologize for this inconvenience. -Jeanie & Shelby

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