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Jeanie Neal

Jeanie Neal
Omaha, Nebraska


Summer 2019

Denali Park, Alaska

About Me

I teach people how to swim; and I teach people how to teach people to swim. I also run an online water safety course.

I have a lesson program in Omaha, Nebraska, with several licensed providers in other locations. In addition, I teach remote lessons.

This summer, I’m living in a van and working at Jeff King’s Husky Homestead in Denali Park, Alaska. I will be back in Omaha on September 28.

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What’s Happening
August 15

Still in Alaska. Rain is falling. Already seeing many signs of autumn.

Registration for my fall lessons is open and filling fast. Register today.

Remote Lessons are available. The first two are free! Send me up to three minutes of video. I’ll write back with my assessment and a plan for improvement. After the first two, remote lessons are $12 each.

When Fireweed turns to cotton, Summer is soon forgotten.

When Fireweed turns to cotton,
Summer is soon forgotten.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.
— Loren Eiseley