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Jeanie Neal Remote Lessons

Can’t get to me? If you have access to a pool and to email, you can receive stroke and performance evaluations from me and even learn to teach/swim Face-Up First® yourself.

Can’t get to me? If you have access to a pool and to email, you can receive stroke and performance evaluations from me and even learn to teach/swim Face-Up First® yourself.


Remote Swimming Lessons
for ages 2 - Adult
with Coach Jeanie Neal

Receive stroke and/or performance evaluations from me, or teach your child or yourself to swim in your local pool, with my support.
You can do it, and I will help. -No experience necessary!

We swim for good times!® You can too.

Here’s how remote lessons work

  1. If teaching a child yourself, complete the Water Safety Education for Parents and Caregivers Course. ($0) Click to take the course: Online Water Safety Education for Parents & Caregivers You do not need to pay to get a certificate unless you would like a certificate. All of the information on the site is free.

  2. Register for an online/remote lesson.($0) The first two lessons are free. The registration form is located below. Scroll down.

  3. I will respond within 48 hours with an evaluation, directions, and a lesson plan and coaching tips for your first in-water lesson.

  4. Start teaching.

  5. Video evaluation ($0): Send me up to three minutes of video via text or email. I will critique the video and send you my evaluation and a second lesson plan.

  6. Continue to teach and and order additional lessons as you need them. After your first two, lessons are $12 each for you to submit an email and up to three minutes of video. Choose as many or as few contacts as you need. There is also plenty of free information about Face-Up First lessons on this site.

Here’s how remote stroke, skill, and performance evaluations work*

  1. Register for an online/remote evaluation.($0) The first two evaluations are free. The registration form is located below. Scroll down.

  2. I will respond within 48 hours with an evaluation and suggestions for improving strokes, skills, and/or meet performance.

  3. Continue to practice and select your support services as you need them. See service descriptions and pricing below. Choose as many or as few contacts as you need.


*Note to competitive swimmers on USAS registered teams: Typically, I work with young novice swimmers who are still learning to swim and/or on summer league teams, and masters/adult lap swimmers. I am also an experienced USAS registered coach. As a long-time club coach, I understand all too well, that the relationship between a club coach and swimmer is a critical component of competitive swimming success. It is possible to protect and nurture that relationship while receiving outside help from a remote private coach. It does take work on your part. I can show you how.

If you are a competitive swimmer who would like some “one-on-one” evaluations, first have a meeting with your coach. Find out what aspects of your stroke technique your coach would like you to improve. Then contact me armed with that information so that I will not contradict your team coach. What I offer is an experienced, critical eye, and the ability to help you achieve what your coach is trying to achieve for you. Your coach is your very best and most effective resource for learning how to swim fast. However, sometimes, especially on very large teams, coaches may have difficulty finding the time to spend one-on-one with each swimmer. Remote private lessons can be very helpful and effective if the private coach acts as an agent of the club coach. Talk to your coach and give it a try!


Complete the form below.

I will get back to you within 48 hours with your free first lesson plan and some advice on getting started. (Your first two lessons are free.)

Name *
Tell me about the swimmer, teacher, and pool facility. For evaluations, in addition to submitting this form, please email video of no more than three minutes in length to


Email to student family after receiving two video clips:

Thanks for sending me the clips! Check out the attached video and read the commentary below.  Hit pause on the video when you need time to read a slide.
Keep up the good work, [Student Name]! I’m so proud of you. Send me more video soon. 

Clip #1: Tadpole

Here are some of the things I watch for: is the head positioned in line with the spine and still, the body horizonal on the back with the legs not moving, but at the surface, and are the arms moving in the same plane as the body in a Tickle T Touch pattern. Also, is the swimmer breathing in and out continuously without holding the breath, moving through the water, and relaxed – not in distress.

Clip #2: Starfish

The next stroke demonstrated is the Elementary Backstroke or Starfish. The Starfish should have all the same relaxed, balanced, and propulsive head/body positions, and arm movements with the addition of the legs. I look to see if the arm and leg motions are paired as the swimmer performs the Little Starfish, Big Starfish, Swim Starfish movements. I also want the knees to remain together during the “little starfish” movement with the feet leading outward on big starfish.

These are some nice swims. Great job!


[Student Name] has a great head position – inline and still – and maintains it even when her face goes under water. She takes nice big strokes at full extension, and is not hurried. She waits to regain her balance before taking the next stroke. She keeps her feet together on the Tadpole and her knees together on the “little” phase of the Starfish. Most impressive is her comfort and confidence in the water as evidenced by her relaxed breathing and ease of transitioning from below water to above the water.

PRACTICE: Three things to practice…see video for details. Hit pause to read each section.

  1. Balance

  2. Transition from LITTLE to BIG arms on both Starfish and Tadpole

  3. Pairing arms and legs on Starfish

Practice these skills for the first six minutes of swim time – before playtime. Practice makes habit. You can do it!

PUPPIES: These puppies are from Husky Homestead where I’m spending the summer. 


Jeanie Neal
We swim for good times!

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. -Loren Eiseley

Click to download the remote lesson video (better quality): Sample Remote Lesson


Give the gift of swimming with Gift Certificates for Remote Lessons

These lessons make great stocking stuffers. Perfect for parents and caregivers of preschoolers. Give a certificate to a adult friend who visits a pool, and would like some stroke and training advice. Surprise a teenager who would like to swim in high school. Gift grade schoolers and middle schoolers with a lesson. Most love the water and would like to become stronger swimmers. Send gift certificates to friends and relative outside of Nebraska. Let them swim for good times, too!

Email me with your certificate requests. Let me know how many lessons you would like to purchase and for whom. I will email your gift certificate files and a link for you to pay. Once I receive payment, I will send you the activation code that makes a certificate ready to use. I deliver certificates and payment link within 48 hours. If you are in a rush, text me at 402.312.1012 to get my attention. I’ll process yours as fast as I can. You may deliver your certificate right away and inform your recipient of the code once you pay and receive it. Remember, the first two lessons are free.You are paying for their third or third and more lessons. Be specific in your email about what you want and how you want the certificate addressed.

Email gift certificate requests to: Printable Gift Certificate (validation code issued upon receipt of payment): .pdf certificate

We swim for good times!
You can too.