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I'm going with…Aliens

UPDATE: 12:50 PM Alaska Time
I see the captions don’t show on mobile devices. I’ve made a list of captions below the slide show.



Things are coming to life around here. The traffic lights are operating now, some Husky Homestead tours require four buses, and the magnificent seven first litter of puppies is getting bigger, stronger, and more fun every day. I’ve been having fun working on the Homestead and taking some day trips.

See photos below. Hover over images for captions. Some photos have links to more information. Click the image to open the link in a new window.

I’m having a great time, but missing the pool and the kids very much. Hope everyone is getting in lots of swim time. Send me video if you like a remote lesson.

My best to you all!


  1. Coming to life: traffic lights on and buses arriving

  2. Tour season picking up: Some Husky Homestead tours requiring four buses.

  3. The first litter of seven are growing up:getting bigger, stronger, and more fun every day

  4. Midnight sunsets: some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen

  5. …even at Walmart

  6. Full moon during civil twilight

  7. Even the cats aren’t sure when to go to bed…

  8. but they do know it’s still pretty cold at night

  9. Check out the frost heaves in the road: It’s like riding a roller coaster every time you drive

  10. You are here

  11. Trans Alaska Pipeline Viewing Area

  12. no caption

  13. no caption

  14. no caption

  15. no caption

  16. no caption

  17. Milepost describes visitor center

  18. I’ve arrived! Guards come out to question me

  19. Guard: We don’t have a visitor center Me: politely points to sign behind me

  20. Guard: I’ve never seen that before - There are only two buildings in sight - the guard shack and the visitor center

  21. Key is found and visitor center opened - I signed the guest book. The line above mine was signed in May 2018, the line above that in 2015

  22. no caption

  23. no caption

  24. no caption

  25. no caption

  26. I was interested in NOAA. Now, I think maybe they are talking to aliens here. ;)

  27. I’m glad I visited this memorial. He turned out to be an important player in the history musical I attended later.

  28. no caption

  29. no caption

  30. no caption

  31. no caption

  32. Creamer’s Field

  33. Met this government biologist/artist and bought his book.

  34. He signed every page with Sandhill Cranes.

  35. He told me that 200,000 of the approximately 600,000 cranes

  36. that visit Nebraska

  37. also visit Creamers Field.

  38. no caption

  39. no caption

  40. no caption

  41. Love, love, love this place

  42. History, Entertainment, Attractions

  43. These cabins were moved here from their original Fairbanks locations

  44. no caption

  45. no caption

  46. Golden Heart Review: musical comedy about life in the last frontier

  47. Singing, dancing, comedy, history: and a hilarious “Who’s on First” skit about sled dogs

  48. View of Denali from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

  49. The Great Alaska Bowl Company

  50. Birch blanks to be made into bowls

  51. no caption

  52. no caption

  53. no caption

  54. Mama Raspberry

  55. …and her puppies

  56. The spring session is over. Congrats to all the FUF swimmers!

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