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Alaska Adventure

ATV Tour, HH Season Begins, and Spring?

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Greetings from Alaska!

I had one day off to play this week, and had my first ATV experience. [Black Diamond Resort] Loved it! One of the things we drove by was a large gravel deposit near Healy, Alaska. There have been some fascinating excavations in this area. I plan to learn more about them when I visit the museum in Fairbanks on my next day off. Multiple types of stone tools have been found at this site, as have remains of a variety of animals. Unfortunately, the only wildlife I saw on this tour was in the parking lot. Can you see him under the car?

After the tour, I visited the Healy farmers market at the Alaska Coffee Bean. For a relatively small market early in the season, there was a large variety of products, including duck eggs, baked goods, and Denali tundra teas.

I ventured off the Parks highway a bit, too. As part of my continuing mission of touring Alaska coffee shop by coffee shop, I found Henry’s Coffee House at the Earth Song Lodge - unfortunately not open for the season yet; but I’ll return.

Then I drove south from HH for the first time. Again explored off the main highway and found the Cantwell Lodge where I enjoyed the view, had a great cheeseburger, and watched a hockey game with a large group of friendly, outgoing locals, many there with laptops taking advantage of the WiFi.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead…more photo notes:

  • Reduce Reuse Recycle: We spent an entire morning learning about recycling. I haven’t been very good at doing my part, but I’m on board now. Check out the recycle room at HH. The woman in front in this photo is Johnna. She is from Nebraska. Believe it or not, I am one of three seasonal staff members here from Omaha. The woman standing behind - the Queen of Recycling, as well as of everything else here - is my supervisor, Carrie, the Patient.

  • We have two moose who visit most mornings. It never gets old or even routine. It’s a magical event every time.

  • The tours have started at Husky Homestead. I’ve included a photo of the portion of the tour known as the “Pickle.”

  • The long days are still a strange thing for me. Check out the photo I took at 1:58 AM!

  • Every post has to include puppies. These puppies are resting in the office after another staff member and I took them to the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge for a meet and greet. If you every feel lonely, take a puppy to a hotel lobby and stand there for an hour. Everyone will come talk to you.

  • Spring? Maybe. I’m seeing signs.

Last night, several staff members and I attended a dinner at the Denali Chalet Canyon Steakhouse. It was a practice meal for the restaurant staff so we were able to try a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Wow! Everyone should go.

My best to all of you. Thank you for following along.

Fall lesson registration is open and I’m still processing water safety certificates while on the road.


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