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Turkey Mile


Turkey Mile &
Stuffing Sprint

November 17, 2019

Registration Deadline

Thursday, November 7 at 7:00 PM

Look ahead: Santa Splash

Turkey Mile & Stuffing Sprint

ENTRY FEE:  $10 per swimmer  There are no refunds. This event is limited to the first 30 swimmers registered and paid with preference being given to swimmers currently registered in FUF lessons.

AWARDS:  Turkey Trophy, snack and juice

TIMES:  Exterior doors Open 11:50 AM Meet Start: 12:00 PM

EVENTS Select one

Turkey Mile: 1650 yards (66 lengths)
Stuffing Spring: 50 yards (2 lengths)

Each swimmer must provide his/her own timer/counter.

Click to email Coach Neal to enter. Then use the link below to pay your entry fee.


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Josie Thalken, 9 Turkey Mile 40:15
Sadie Thalken, 7 Stuffing Sprint 1:18.00
Aden Vlcan, 8 Turkey Mile
Gibran Meadows, 8 Turkey Mile
Patrick Ramon 6, Stuffing Sprint 2:00.09
Isabella Otepka, 9 Turkey Mile 1:04
Frankie Otepka, 7 Stuffing Sprint 1:55.17
Mari Brink, 7 Turkey Mile
Graham Brink, 5 Stuffing Sprint
Caoilinn Sheedy, 9 Turkey Mile 44:03
Marco Brunelli, 12 Turkey Mile 51:26
Annabelle Davidson, 5 Stuffing Sprint
Ava Snyder, 12 Turkey Mile 27:32
Rowan Snyder, 9 Turkey Mile 42:04
Moira Snyder, 7 Turkey Mile
Cecilia Taylor, 10 Turkey Mile 57:40
Charlie Taylor, 5 Stuffing Sprint 2:00.99
Alexis Creasy, 10 Turkey Mile 49:55
Crystal Creasy, Adult, Turkey Mile 35:35