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Santa Splash

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Santa Splash &

December 8

UnderWraps: Noon
Santa Survival Splash: 1:00 PM

Registration Deadlines

Tuesday, November 26 at 7:00 PM

Santa Survival Splash
Thursday, December 5 at 7:00 PM

Late entries/shopping lists will not be accepted. This event is limited to the first 40 registrants with preference given to swimmers currently registered in FUF lessons.

Look ahead: Super Swimmer Swim-Off

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Santa Splash Participants
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Your name here!

Use this form to register for the event. After you hit submit use the button below to pay your event fees. Your entry will be sent to me as an email. I will post it on this page. Please check back to make sure I enter the information correctly here. Thanks for choosing this event. We swim for good times!


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Contact Name
Please list the swimmer full name and birth date. All swimmers may participate in all the events. If participating in the UnderWraps event, please list the total number of gifts. Compute your event fees: $10 per meet swimmer, and $5 per gift. Submit your UnderWraps gift list by the event entry deadline. (I have lots of shopping to do!)

1.  Santa Sprints & Survival Challenge

ENTRY FEE:  $10 per swimmer  (There are no refunds. This event is limited to the first 40 swimmers registered and paid with preference being given to swimmers currently registered in FUF lessons.

AWARDS:  Ribbons for all participants in all events, plus holiday surprises and treats for everyone.  (No pizza, just treats and presents!)

TIMES:  Exterior doors Open 1:00 PM Warm-Up: 1:00 PM Event starts immediately after warm-up.


Santa Survival Challenge
#1 Walk the Plank: jump from the 1m board, clothed, recover to relaxed backfloat, swim to side and exit the pool unassisted - holiday pj’s will be provided for swimmers to wear during the challenge.

Take the Plunge
#2 Pool Party Test: jump from the side, recover to relaxed backfloat, swim 15’ to the end of the pool and exit the pool unassisted

Dump Test
#3 Flotation Device Test: get dumped off a raft, recover to a relaxed backfloat, swim to the side and exit the pool unassisted

Object Retrieval
#4 Retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool - depth varies based on the height of the participant.

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2. UnderWraps Shopping

Gifts $5 each - wrapped and tagged


A Holiday Shopping Poem

Twas the week of Thanksgiving and all through the town
Parents were frustrated, discouraged, and down.

The holidays were coming. What could they do?
Their children all wanted to give presents, too.

"Please may we choose what presents to give
to Nani, and Papa, and to Aunt Viv?"

"If you let us we promise to clean our rooms twice,
to take out the garbage, to our siblings be nice."

But how could they do it. Their parents were thrown.
These kids were too little to shop all alone.

Then from the POOL came the answer they sought.
A Face-Up First shop where great presents are bought.

So, the parents took time to help make out some lists, 
which children brought back held tight in small fists.

Then the Face-Up First coaches, shopped and set up a store.
And helped swimmer pick presents, but kept parents outside the door.

With items wrapped, tagged, and bagged, their surprise safe from peeking,
those children went home with the gifts they'd been seeking.

So now make a list, check it once, check it twice.
Have your kids shop with us. You can't beat the price!


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Click on the shopping list image below to download/print a shopping list for your child. 

Use the form above to pay for your gifts. Submit the list to me by November 29 either in person or electronically - an image file is ok. Just take a photo with your phone.

Email:  Text: 402.312.1012


Happy Holidays!