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Sunday, October 27 at Noon

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Why is my 25 Club Swimmer/Voyager Swimmer learning the same skills they learned in previous sessions?

Why isn’t my 25 Club swimmer swimming longer distances?

What’s the deal with the bell and the dimes?


The 25 Club curriculum is repeated each session. The Voyager curriculum is repeated each session.

Our pool is 25 yards long. 25 Club swimmers practice their skills by swimming 25’s. Voyager swimmers swim longer distances.

Once swimmers move from our lesson program onto swim teams, they will learn more and new skills each season, and swim longer and longer distances.

The bell is a reward for following directions - not for swimming performance. There may be times when the coach will withhold the bell-ring reward based on a swimmer’s behavior. (Parent’s, please support the coach in this decision.) The D.I.M.E. reward is given to every swimmer at every lesson - regardless of behavior or swimming performance. D.I.M.E. stands for Dividend Intended to Motivate and Encourage. It is an immediate payoff on your investment in learning to swim. Every lesson - even the tough ones - are like money in the bank. Every lesson advances you toward leaning to be a strong swimmer. DIMES may be spent at our swimmer store on the last day of lessons

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