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Good Times

Week 1 Recap & Announcements

Welcome back! We had a great first week at OHB. Check out the video.

IMPORTANT! Starting today, we will be using the deep end deck entrance to the swimming pool. I’ve posted a photo below. You can’t see the door from the parking lot. Come through the gate and you’ll find it.

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Look Ahead: Developmental (25 Club) / Voyager Practice Plan

Winter Session Registration: Registration for winter is now open to current students who want to reserve their current spots.

Registration is open for our Back to Pool Splash meet on September 30.

Developmental / Voyagers
Q. What are the words for the streamline?
A. Hand over hand, wrist over wrist squeeze
Q. How far do we streamline?
A. At least to the flags
Q. When do we streamline?
A. Every wall, every time
Q. How deep do we streamline?
A. Feet deep
Q. What breaks out first on freestyle?
A. Shoulder blades
Q. How many non-breathing strokes after freestyle breakout?
A. At least four
Q. What are the words for freestyle ready position?
A. One hand on wall, toes/knees/face/bellybutton pointing sideways, one hand pointing where you want to go. Then: face in, hand on top, streamline!

FUF streamline video:


1. Balance 2. Propulsion 3. Stroke patterns

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