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Good Times

Week 4 Recap


Week 4 Recap & Announcements

Thank you all for a great week of swimming. Check out the video.

Winter lesson registration opens to the public this Sunday.

Session Pages: Jeanie Neal Winter Lessons & Shelby Schultz Winter Lessons

Look Ahead: Developmental (25 Club) / Voyager Practice Plan & F.A.S.T. Swimming Page

Events: Splash Meet Results We swam for good times!

More important stuff:

  • Use our FUF Lesson Swap facebook page to post your swaps and look for available lessons.

  • During the times that Coach Shelby and I have the whole OHB pool to ourselves, families are encouraged to Practice and Play. Please pay before you swim. The cost is $5 per visit for the whole family. Parents can swim laps during their children’s swimming lesson and then play with the kids for an additional half hour after the lesson.

Developmental / Voyagers

Q. What do the flags say?
A. Speed up! The wall is coming!

Q. What do you need to know to execute a fast backstroke finish?
A. Your flags to wall count

F - Flip fast! L - Line up straight
I - Invert during streamline
P - Proceed in the opposite direction
S - Swim for good times! (maximize wall speed)

Backstroke Skills & Freestyle Flip Turn Videos

Instructional 1. Balance 2. Propulsion 3. Stroke patterns

Face-Up First