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Email Sent to all Jeanie Neal Fall Families

The following email was sent to all fall families on Monday, September 4 at 3:15 PM.


It's time to start swimming again. Face-Up First lessons start up tomorrow. I've attached a refrigerator door edition of the FallGood Times.

Please view the fall schedule at I've made a few small adjustments to the timeline to try and squeeze everyone in.

I have added a Voyagers practice on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at College of St. Mary. Maybe some of you Sunday Voyagers would like to switch? There is lots of room. Please help me spread the word that we have openings again. I turned away several swimmers early in the summer when the Sunday Voyagers sold out so fast.

Some reminders:

  1. All swimmers ages three to eighteen are required to wear the solid-color, one-piece training suit. I have put links to a few different suits on the website, but you are not required to purchase your suits from me. 
  2. Parents are to watch lessons from the spectator gallery (father away, but you can see and hear everything) or the pool office (closer, but harder to see and you can't hear anything).
  3. If you haven't yet paid me for the fall lessons, please do that before the session starts. You can use this link to pay. 
  4. I'm handing out birthday caps to each swimmer during the lesson closest to their birthdays. Some families did not submit a birth date for their swimmer(s). Below is my list of names for September birthdays. If you didn't submit a birth date, please send me an email with that information. If you have a September baby not listed below, please email me ASAP so I can make sure to have enough caps ready to go. Thanks!

Happy September Birthday to: Maria, Elisabeth, Margo, Zeke, Nicholas, Clare, Reid, Lilly, Maxine, Christian, Emmanuele, Joel, Chuck, Colin, Oscar, Alexis, Lily

Thank you for choosing my lessons. See you soon!


Jeanie Neal
Face-Up First
We swim for good times!

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." -Loren Eiseley

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