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guardian ward identification bands for swimming


What are Gwibs?

Gwibs are silcone bracelets of different sizes packaged together.  Gwibs come in a set of three matching color bands: adult, youth, and toddler.

How do I use Gwibs?

Any time you are spending time near water with children, take your GWIBS along.  Match up the children (Wards) with their adult supervisor (Guardians).  Guardians and Wards wear the same color bands.  If you have more than one Guardian, use more than one color package of GWIBS.

IMPORTANT:  Non-swimmers require a 1:1 ratio of Gardian to Ward.  One Guardian may be responsible for up to three skilled swimming Wards. 

While it is often possible that One Guardian can watch more than one swimmer, it is never as safe to have more than one designated Guardian watching any one swimmer.  ONE PERSON needs to be responsible for a child.  When the responsibility is divided among mom and dad or any two adults, the result is that no one is giving the child their undivided attention.  It's too easy for one adult to assume that the other is watching.

The purpose of GWIBS is to tie one Guardian to each child, and hold that Guardian fully responsible for the well-being of that child.

However, other adults in a group that are not designated Guardians should be reminded of the advice from our water safety course, "If you see something, say something."  If something doesn't look right to you, alert the person in charge and/or take action.  Keep our children safe.

Each adult Guardian is responsible for making sure that his/her Ward(s) complete the water playtime alive and safe!

Can I get more GWIBS?

Sure!  They are free.