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Swimming Pool Safety for Kids

Swimming Pool Safety for Kids

Be smart. Be patient. Be a good sport.


For safety when swimming I recommend
that you always go swimming with one of your friends.

You need an adult to supervise your splashing,
to keep everyone safe and make your day smashing!


Every pool has some rules, usually posted on signs.
Look around. Find the signs. Read all of the lines.

No running. No pushing. No dunking. No dives.
Whatever the rules, they are meant to save lives.

Follow all of the rules and your day will be great.
Disobey one or more for a less fortunate fate!


Always shower before swimming. Start out the day clean.
Don't drink the pool water. Make potty breaks routine.

Swimming with diarrhea might make your friends sick.
Stay home when you're ill. Be safe. Get well quick!


Rafts, and rings, and noodles entice, but first pass the test then use a device.
Swim at least 15' all on your own. Get dumped off a raft and you will have shown
that you can swim independently. Wow! How you've grown!


It's not safe to dive into some swimming pools. 
Find the signs. Read the lines. Obey all of the rules.

Water for diving must be at least nine feet deep.
And always go feet first for your very first leap.

Dive with hands over head. Don't act like a clown.
Diving takes focus to keep from bumping your crown.


Hotel pools can be fun, exciting, and great! But consider these things before opening that gate.
Is there a lifeguard here? Are your parents near? Does the water look clear? Where's the safety gear?

Check for rules and obey the sign. 
Be a sport, smart, and patient and you will be fine.


For swimmers, a water park can't be beat,
a wonderful place to slide, dive, paddle, and eat!

There are wave pools and drop slides, swings, rafts, and rings - all features not safe for one who still clings.
Save rides, slides, and drops slides for when you float strong and steady. 
These are good times for which a non-swimmer's not ready.

Don't use life jackets so non-swimmers partake...
in something they can't do. Their lives are at stake!!!

But life jackets are, in fact, excellent tools
to protect skilled swimmers in water park pools.

Keep the day short, hydrate, and protect from the sun,
and your water park day will be lots of fun.


Pool parties are great...for swimmers, that is.
But you have to give all of your friends a short quiz.

Can you swim independently? That means all alone,
with no jackets, no swimmies, no floaties, no rings?
It's not safe to depend on any of those things.

A pool party is not for learning to float.
Pool parties are for those who float like a boat.

It's not right. It's not fun. It's not safe. It's not smart
to allow your non-swimming friends to take part.

If having a pool party will leave some friends out,
go bowling instead so all guests can shout:

"Hip, hip, hooray! I'm so glad that my friend
cares for my safety and wants ME to attend!"


A backyard pool can be a great source of fun,
but a pool can be dangerous - just like a gun.

It's scary to think that this toy in the yard,
can be such a danger, but you see, there's no guard.

Don't jump in the water without adults near.
Don't play near the water alone, just stay clear.

Swim only with supervision and a buddy or two.
Practice safe swimming habits, and lock that gate when you're through.


Every kid, teen, and grown-up should learn how to swim.
It's a fun thing to do. Keeps you safe. Keeps you trim.

It's best to take lessons from someone who knows
all about swimming and how stroke technique goes.

Swim coaches teach you to move body parts. 
You'll learn how to travel - to stop and to start.
You'll learn how to balance without moving at all.
You'll learn how to do butterfly, back, breast, and crawl.

The with practice and practice, lots of time in the pool,
you'll learn to make choices. You're nobody's fool.
You'll know what is safe. You'll make the call.
You'll know how to rest without moving at all.

You know how to travel, the stops and the starts.
You'll learn how to move all your body parts.

You'll be a great swimmer. No need to explain.
Everyone there will see you rule the lane!


Safe behavior's a choice. It's not a trick.
You choose. You decide. You get to pick.

Be smart. Know the rules. Be patient. Enjoy the pools.
Be a good sport and all will see that you're cool.

Learn how to swim and then practice and train.
It won't be too long before YOU rule the lane.

Swim for good times, both fun times and fast.
And be safe in the pool so those good times can last!