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Policies & Announcements


January 12 at 5:35 AM: BT has canceled school. Morning lessons are a go - through the 12:40 PM Developmental class. Due to the forecast for worsening conditions, evening lessons are cancel for today. 


WEATHER POLICIES??? - This year has been different. Please check each storm. 

Brownell Talbot School: Any time that BT cancels school or closes the campus due to weather conditions, Face-Up First lessons are also canceled. When severe weather threatens, check the news outlets for BT school closing announcements.

Omaha Home for Boys: TBD

General Weather Information: Weather conditions sometimes change quickly, and can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Whether or not to venture out on severe weather days is your choice.  Make good choices for your family, and be careful.

Refunds & Make-Up Lessons

Coach Shelby and I do not issue refunds or schedule make-ups for indoor lessons canceled due to weather conditions. We reserve a make-up class date for use by outdoor lesson families in the event of summer storms during lesson times (maximum one make-up per session).

- Jeanie Neal


Sidewalks can be slippery on snowy days.  Also, the concrete sometimes rises and falls with the temperature.  Be careful not to trip.