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We swim for good times!®

Practice & Play

Practice & Play Sessions at OHB

Practice builds confidence. At OHB, we have some extra room to allow swimmers extra practice time. 

Swimmers and their parents/caregivers are invited to come early or stay after lessons for an extra half hour to practice swimming skills and play.

The cost for a Practice & Play session is $5. This fee includes all enrolled swimmers and caregivers from one family. This is a pay-as-you-go program. Please bring exact change and pay poolside on the days you would like extra time in the water. 

To participate in this program, children must be supervised by their own caregiver. (I will not allow caregivers from one family to supervise children from another. Please plan ahead. I want you to come swim with your child!) Parents/Caregivers are not required to get into the water, but are required to be responsible for supervising their children at Practice & Play sessions. 

Swimming is allowed only in the designated Practice & Play area.

This program is restricted to children enrolled in the current session. Siblings, other relatives, and friends are not allowed in the water.


Practice. Practice. Practice.

Adult-only lap swimming is not allowed during Practice & Play. Adults may swim laps only if their swimmers are swimming laps, too.

We swim for good times!


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