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iNspire Late Fall Lessons

Registration opens September 17



Schedules and reservation form for the late fall express session lessons with iNspire staff at College of St. Mary.

Quick Reference: Fall 2017 Good Times (refrigerator door edition)

General Information

Scroll down below the reservation form to view the lesson schedules/rosters for this late fall express session.

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Look ahead to the iNspire Winter Session - link coming soon.

Registration dates for the Winter Session

  • Sunday, September 17: Registration open for current fall swimmers to re-register for the late fall and winter session into their same fall time slots.
  • Sunday, September 24 at 1:00 PM: Protection of existing time slots ends and registration open for current swimmers to re-register for late fall and winter sessions into any available time slot.
  • Sunday, October 1 at 1:00 PM: Late fall and winter registration open to the public.

Select your program 

1. Is the student first grade or older AND can complete a continuous 100 yards consisting of 50 yards of backstroke plus 50 yards of crawl stroke with rhythmic  rotary breathing?  YES-Select Voyagers Program   NO-continue...

 2. Is the student five years old or older and can complete a continuous 25-yard crawl without lifting the head up when breathing AND a continuous 25-yard backstroke AND jump into the 12.5 feet end of the pool?  YES-Select the Developmental Program   NO-Select the Instructional Program. 

Note that not all programs may be offered every session.

Click to view: Select Your Program Chart (.pdf)

at College of St. Mary

November 14, 21, 28
December 5, 12, 19
6 Lessons
INST Lessons $111.00
VOY Lessons $48.00
+ = under age 3, 10-min turn

6:00 PM INST

6:30 PM INST

7:00 PM INST
7:45 PM DEV

Register for lessons

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Pay for lessons after hitting SUBMIT

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Your registration will be posted to the schedule soon after receipt of payment. This is a manual system. We receive your registration and notice of payment via email. Thank you for choosing our lessons. See you soon!

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